Corsica GR20

The GR20 is a long distance footpath that runs down the mountainous spine of Corsica.  We first saw pictures of the route in the excellent TRAIL magazine but it wasn't until we were talking with our friend Nick that we decided we should go there.  As you will see from the following pictures the scenery in Corsica is truly amazing.  The trail is demanding and very exhilarating.  The route takes 15 days and is normally walked North to South.  We only had a couple of weeks so planned only to complete the first part of the walk from Calenzana to Vizavona then taking the easier Mere a Mere back to the port.  In practice the route was harder than anticipated and we only completed the GR20 section taking the train back from Vizavona and spending a few days relaxing in the towns of Corte and Ajjacio.

Follow the links below to see some pictures from our trip.