Mallorca The Archdukes walk

This was our first walk of the week and we were guided by Valerie Crespi-Green. The weather was overcast and Valerie assured us that the weather was due to get better and that there was normally a very good view from the summit. There were a few occassional breaks in the cloud which gave a view into the valleys. The great thing about having a guide is that they know so much more about the surroundings than just the route.

I must admit that had I been left to navigate I'm sure we would have been lost in the trees on the way up from Valdemossa. On the way down we bumped into some other english walkers who made a point of telling us that it wasnt far down. little did they know that they had just been speaking to the author of the guide they were following.

Looking towards Deia

Peter Alison and our guide Valerie

Peter, Alison and myself

Courtyard in Valdemossa

Alison and Valerie in Valdemossa

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