Mallorca Galatzo

Galatzo was the first mountain we climbed without a guide. We followed Valeries advice and started the route from Km97. However at the picnic area we followed the main track straight on rather than the path at the back of the picnic area. We continued to follow this track soon realising that we were not heading in the right direction. We decided that rather than turn back we would continue to follow the track and hopefully cross the path from Estellencs to the summit. After about an hour our perseverance paid off and we were once again heading towards the summit. The route from this point was straightforward despite the signpost being covered by the drying clothes of another party. The rocky path to the summit is longer than it looks and the last section gives an opportunity to get your hands dirty by scrambling. The summit at 1027m is adorned by a circular trig pillar and gives excellent views of Palma and the island to the south.

Our descent was as badly navigated as our ascent as we tried to find the route down that we intended to use to reach the summit. After following two dead end tracks we eventually crossed the Pas de Cossis (its a large spur) and followed the path back to the picnic site. The views of the cliffs along this section are quite stunning.

Km 97 on the C710 the start of the Galatzo walk

Peter and Alison on the path to Galatzo

Alison giving me the look after we discover we have gone the wrong way

A rock pinnacle on the Galatzo ridge

Alison checking the route down from the Galatzo summit

Peter on the summit trig of Galatzo

Palma Bay from Galatzo

The wrong way down from Galatzo

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